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What Price Reputation?

Thierry Henrys handball incident is used to consider the topic of reputation in leadership roles. Leaders who work on their brand, know what they stand for, understand their values, have a clear plan to managing their reputation and take account of it when planning their actions, understand that without it they run the risk of a Thierry moment; One poor decision, poorly handled, and at what price.

Purpose + Heart = True Power

Formalities had strangled the prospect of reconciliation between two employees. There were agreements made through mediation and these hadn’t worked. So, with courage tinged by desperation their manager decided to try something new. A thought provoking story from recent coaching conversations

Purposeful about Leadership?

Leadership is a role that eats time and builds stress. Getting clear on a leaders purpose & their unique way of thinking is a more scientific way of solving than problem than traditional time management tactics.