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Guest Blog: Defining your Pathway

If everyone’s process of seeing the world is unique and is constantly evolving, each of us needs to develop our own way of using what we learn, and how we think, to manage our lives.One approach is to consider a personal path that allows you to form an understanding from within yourself i.e knowing what works for the way that you think.

Selective Amnesia

A number of the mental techniques I use on the golf course are equally appropriate in a business context.

The first is that of ‘Selective Amnesia’ – choosing to remember the events and situations that are helpful to you as opposed to those that are not.

Guest Blog: Thinking about Thinking

There are some old ideas about people and understanding people that are used by teachers, managers and most social organisations that may not make sense to many people.They don’t work because we are constantly self-learning, self-determining, internally actively enquiring, not waiting passively for inputs and signals like computers. This wont be a surprise to you but ask yourself if the training, courses, qualifications that you went through to get where you are recognised that?

The Concept of Complementarity

When we’re under pressure we revert to our favourite style / type and become even more that way. And in so doing we may over-do or misapply a strength to the detriment of both the decision and indeed to our reputation. Therefore the average leader needs complementary thinking styles around them to make balanced decisions. Let’s salvage the concept of complementarity and use it to good sustained effect.

Imagine I wasn’t here

Often staff simply want to run their ideas past their manager rather than have them solve the issues or problems. Asking the question ‘What would you do if I wasn’t here?’ can often unlock their thinking and give them the confidence to solve many issues for themselves – saving you time in the long run and developing their capability.