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The Leading Mirror

Explores the benefit of building self-awareness around how you come across as a leader and taking action to deal with unhelpful elements.

The Value of Gaining Role Clarity

Getting clear on your role purpose can help reduce stress, improve performance, and deliver better outcomes for the individual and the business

What it is it?

Clarity is an important word for leaders and is one of the key aspects of a leaders role. Providing clarity to the people who you are leading; Role clarity, clarity of direction, a clear vision, clarity of purpose, clear accountabilities and responsibilities and clear feedback on performance. This article explores clarity issues in managing teams

Corporate mums – How present are you?

As working mothers, we can relate to having many balls constantly juggling overhead and the consequences if one of these is dropped. We all seem to struggle to be truly present on what is right in front of us. Learn about strategies that help us to “get present”.

The reason for the K

Setting KPIs for teams can be difficult. You can focus solely on UPIs (ultimate performance indicators) and they can be measures such as turnover, volume & profit. However most teams cannot see a direct correlation between what they do and the UPIs for the business. This blog explores some of the difficulties in setting team KPI’s