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Performance is Contextual

First published in our NBR column this blog explore why performance is contextual. This reasoning is not an excuse for poor performance. But it is a compelling reason to begin regular meaningful discussions with our direct reports to understand the confluence of factors that actually do impact on their performance


Sometimes what we identify as a time management issue is actually more of a self-management issue. The solution may be more about understanding what’s going on for you, rather than a time management course.

Valuing what you’ve not got

Sometimes other people can be so frustrating. It doesn’t matter how good a leader or good a person you are, each of us have a few people that we just don’t understand, find it hard to work with or just don’t get where they are coming from.

As a leader, this can be especially challenging. After all, your job is to get the most from others and if you aspire to leading a high performing team your aim is for all of your team to get the most out of each other (that’s why you pulled them together as a team!). This blog looks at valuing difference.

Why it is important to help women reintegrate back into the workforce

New Zealand has a pool of untapped potential in mothers who have either not returned to the workforce or returned to the workforce in a role which doesn’t make full use of their capability.

Giving Clear Feedback

Provides ideas managers can take to develop clarity around the feedback they want to give to a direct report. As a result there is a better chance of successfully changing behaviour.