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Get Some Motigation Going

One of the most frequently asked questions during our high performing team leadership sessions is ‘How do I motivate my team?’
Many people think that motivating their team comes during inspirational speeches or by cheerleader type behaviour which many managers don’t feel they can do. Others think that motivation is achieved by a bonus or by a raise and depend on that even in the face of evidence that it doesn’t increase motivation.

Most people walk past the motivational effects of good day to day management and in particular something that a good leader should be doing well regularly, and that is delegation.

Authentic Motherhood

A recent Columbia University study shows mothers can go back to work a few months after the birth of their child without the baby’s wellbeing suffering as a result. The key point out of the study shows that the effect of the parenting itself is the key factor.

Focus – What’s Your Red Dot?

The benefit of really focusing on what you’re doing and tips to help you become more focused and effective.

The Changing Workplace

It is not only working mothers, but people with sporting interests, elderly parents, or lifestyle choices who wish to challenge the typical 50 hour working week of executive level leaders. Are you challenging the status quo with regards to set positions and expectations within your team?

Developing a Following?

We recently attended the Leadership New Zealand leadership week dinner, where one of the speakers used the quote by American attorney and activist Ralph Nader, ‘I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.’

This is a fine quote and one of those that you cannot argue with. In this blog we look at the practical implications and end result of having this as a personal leadership philosophy.