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Clarity of Purpose for Non-Traditional Teams

Clarity of purpose is vital to teams and leaders. Defining that for non-traditional teams (e.g. project or cross functional or self-managed) can be difficult.

The Power of Being Mindful

‘Being mindful’ is increasingly recognised as a tool for leaders becoming focused to make the right decisions. Here are some simple exercises which you can try out for enhanced and focused performance.

Valuing High Performance

If you do not feel you are part of a high performing team, there may be issues with building relationships in your team or concerns with relating to team members within your team. This is one area where you can focus to start to design a high performing team.

Bearly Learning!

All of us have situations that require us to use thinking and strategies that are not really our strength, where our strategies have regularly proven to be ineffective compared to the times where we are in ‘in flow’ and just seem to know what approach to take. The practice of designing alternative strategies aims to minimise these kind of situations ‘designing conditions for success’.

Values – Making sense of what’s important

Getting clear on your values can really help in identifying things that may not be working for you. This paper provides a link to a process for doing this.