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Unity is where you look for it

Unity is always there, we just need to uncover it. Getting people to contribute in a safe environment is a good start. Another platform is to get them to talk about who they are and what really matters to them. When we do these things first, we uncover Unity. As a result we come up with sustainable solutions so much more efficiently.

Turning Purpose in to Action

Meetings are the staple diet of our everyday lives in the workplace but they are often ‘too long’, ‘don’t achieve anything’, ‘boring’ and ‘a waste of time’ for many of us. In this blog we look at a team who used their purpose to define their agendas, turning meetings into a vehicle for the team to work together as a team rather than a reason to work apart.

Engaging the Absent

Have you finally got your team complete, after many set backs to eventually getting the “right” team dynamic, when one of the team advises they are pregnant? Read more for assumptions you shouldn’t make.

Balanced Leadership

The value of focusing on the process rather than just the outcome you are looking to achieve. Process is generally within your control. Outcomes may not be.

Are you ready to get ready?

You may be interested to know that a recent survey,of 20,000 UK executive placements, by Heidrick & Struggles, showed that 40% were fired, failed or resigned within 18 months! Whatever the reasons for that statistic, for many search firms, it represents a call for quality improvement. But what about the appointees and their organisations themselves? In this blog we explore how that can happen and one thing an organisation, or an employee, can do to avoid being one of the statistics.