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Balanced Leadership

The value of focusing on the process rather than just the outcome you are looking to achieve. Process is generally within your control. Outcomes may not be.

Are you ready to get ready?

You may be interested to know that a recent survey,of 20,000 UK executive placements, by Heidrick & Struggles, showed that 40% were fired, failed or resigned within 18 months! Whatever the reasons for that statistic, for many search firms, it represents a call for quality improvement. But what about the appointees and their organisations themselves? In this blog we explore how that can happen and one thing an organisation, or an employee, can do to avoid being one of the statistics.

Crafting Our Leadership Brand

Whether you like it or not, you have a Personal Brand, since by definition it is others’ total experience of you. Great leaders have great Personal Brands. Growing our Personal Brand takes time. The little things are the big things. Involving key stakeholders helps grow our Brand because they can be our best advocates for who we are. Personal Brands take time to craft and are readily dis-membered through inconsistencies between what we ‘say’ and what we ‘do.’

Clarity of Purpose for Non-Traditional Teams

Clarity of purpose is vital to teams and leaders. Defining that for non-traditional teams (e.g. project or cross functional or self-managed) can be difficult.

The Power of Being Mindful

‘Being mindful’ is increasingly recognised as a tool for leaders becoming focused to make the right decisions. Here are some simple exercises which you can try out for enhanced and focused performance.