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Work that Relationship

The benefit of investing time and energy in relationships – to build our Relationship Equity – is a key element of business success.

Post Coaching Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges of coaching is the sustainability of the results for the client. Thats why we build in end of coaching reviews, post-coaching development plans, etc. At Altris it is also part of our coachee triangle and the engagement of the coachees manager in the coaching programme.
So how do you maintain your own coaching results once your coaching programme is finished and your coach is no longer there to help you stay accountable? Here are 7 ideas that you could consider as part of your self maintenance routine.

Returning Mothers – A Manager’s Perspective

Last month we wrote about the phases of motherhood from a mother’s perspective.  This is one side of the coin, with the other side of the coin (in a professional context) being the manager’s perspective. For the manager of a new mum, it’s a transition into a new team structure (without the mother), sometimes with… Read more

Making the Most of 360-Degree Results

Some elements to consider i gaining the most benefit from the results of a 360 survey

The Power of Values

Th benefits that come from being clear on our personal work-related values – which help us feel engaged and motivated when they are being honoured.