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The Alchemy of a Good Team Coach

There is growing evidence to show that using an experienced team coach can lead to substantial productivity improvements for a team. The team coach, has a key role in encouraging its members to not only new heights of performance, but also satisfaction from quality conversations and a sense of belonging. A team can have all of the tools such as a team charter and values, ground rules, but if it is not using these effectively with good heart, then team sessions will not be something to look forward to, and will even be avoided. Team coaches are best secured through your networks of reputable providers who understand and are adept at working the dynamics of who’s in the room. Their presence has a big impact, so it is important that they are role models in their own behaviour. It is a different role from a one-to-one coach, since the team coach is very much cued into the vibe in the room. Experience counts for a lot.
Next time you are experiencing a desert of contribution, or frustration that there is untapped potential in the room, consider using a team coach. Good ones are worth their weight in gold.

Key Person Cover

Create a personal disaster recovery plan that can be invoked in the event of an illness or accident causing you to be unable to work for a period of time. The plan provides all the relevant information needed for someone to cover for your role in your absence.

Who’s going to tell them?

I recently went to a concert that featured a very famous singer. They were part of my youth and I was really looking forward to hearing everything live. Unfortunately the singer can’t really hit the notes anymore and struggled through every song. I was watching the guitarist a lot (it’s something we guitar players do)… Read more

Balanced Living

With the Rugby World Cup over it seems we can now breathe a sigh of relief. The mayhem is over, we can celebrate the win, bask in the glory as a nation and get on with every day life…. until the next big thing. Recently speaking with friends, family and colleagues, it seems to be… Read more

Feel like an Imposter?

Ever had the feeling you’re not qualified for that new job and will be “found out”? You’re not alone. It’s called Imposter Syndrome (IS). IS is reasonably well researched. Interestingly, most people who experience IS would NOT say,”I feel like an impostor.” Yet, when they read or hear about the experience, they say, “How did you know exactly how I feel?”
And how do they feel? Even though they are often very successful by external standards, IS sufferers feel their successes have been due to ‘luck’ outside of their control.
Apparently we all could get it at some stage in our lives, presenting as a crisis in confidence.
As an executive coach, I come across a lot of wasted talented from people who get ‘in their own way.‘ I see the amount of lost potential as grave.
We offer tips to overcome IS, which revolve around: self acceptance, empowering thoughts, gaining perspective and designing fit for purpose solutions.