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Delivering Impact through Executive Coaching

A reminder of the benefits that can come from a professional coaching intervention.

Don’t sweat it, just focus!

It dawned on me working in Christchurch recently that something like the Christchurch earthquakes not only has a huge impact at the time of the event but a ripple effect thereafter.  When the event becomes a series of events over a long period of time, the impact is deeper and lasts much longer that you… Read more

Along for the ride?

Altris leadership programmes aren’t like traditional classroom training where you can ‘come along for the ride’ and not do anything when you leave. We include coaching, cafe style group discussions, online discussion forums, surveys and activity measures. All of these are designed to help the committed learner to learn, grow and improve the skills that the programme aims to deliver. However they also tend to flush out those that aren’t doing anything because they came along for the ride. We tend to notice a few symptoms of ‘coming along for the ride’ that we thought we would share (in a light hearted way).

‘Living’ the ROI of Training

‘Living’ the ROI of Training
Completing a comprehensive ROI analysis on a training programme involves many hours of assessment and review. In these lean times, a more practical and worthwhile approach is what we call ‘living’ an ROI. By this we mean putting in place the scaffolding to support and embed participants’ learning. Living the ROI of training means spotting, as well as creating, the opportunities to embed new behaviours across the critical three to six month period following the training event. In our BLOG we offer some practical tips for both before and after the training programme.
We believe that if you don’t go through the thinking of ‘how to apply this training’ before the training, you’re wasting time and money both as a participant and as an organisation.
‘Living’ an ROI (rather than doing a formal ROI exercise) is less expensive and good for both the organisation and the programme participant.

Making Time to Coach

It takes effort to make time for coaching. However the benefits more than justify the investment in time and energy. Here is a reminder of what you gain as a leader if you make time to coach your people and encourage them to come up with their own solutions.