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Finding your Flow

Achieving ‘Flow’ in what we do can be helped by a number of different elements. Taking time to reflect on which of these works for us gives us the opportunity to replicate the effect more often.

Stop the Cycle of Average Leadership

As executive coaches we are in the delightful and unique position of working with inspirational leaders on a regular basis.  We are also in the unique position of working with some great leaders, some good leaders, some poor leaders, and some very unaware leaders. Sometimes the difference is a consequence of the leader not being… Read more

Leadership Offset

In the process of trying things, people learn and through that learning gradually get better. The implication behind ‘gradually get better’ is that you may not always be fantastic at the thing you are trying. This is fine when you are a kid and just learning for the first time, but many adult managers struggle with not being excellent straight away, and as a result many stop trying (which of course is not excellence but let’s not go there).

But what if you could offset your leadership on the path to improving? What if there were things you could do that provided a leadership benefit to your team, while your own personal impact was gradually improving?

Express Yourself

Expressing ourselves in business is a great untapped resource which is just waiting to be used.
We are more likely to tell the truth when we use our bodies. Taking a leaf out of the psychodrama book, there are some powerful, non-intrusive exercises / games you can get involved in, which are quick and effective. In just five to ten minutes, using such exercises, the leader can get an accurate feel for team dynamics that would otherwise take half a day or more to uncover. We just need the confidence and an adroit facilitator to help us try it out.

What’s In It For Me?

It is important to get clear on the benefits you will get from applying some new tools or learning – so that when it gets hard back in the ‘real world’ you will have something to remind you why it’s important to make the time to apply the new approach.