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Negotiate your worth

At Altris we are all about sharing useful information to save you time trawling through the many pieces of information that come into your inbox everyday.  I came across an interesting article on Women’s Agenda, written by Gillian Franklin, Director of The Heat Group, which shares the results of a recent Heat Group Poll, looking… Read more

Leadership; the harder choice

To paraphrase Dolly Parton; ‘sometimes its hard to be a leader’.The joy of leadership lies in chosing to do all those things that are hard at the time, and seeing the outcome of those choices come to fruition months later.So when you look at it that way, being a leader is only as hard as you want to make it.

Saying No can be a Big Yes

Saying No can be a Big Yes
Saying ‘no’ is harder in a ‘jittery’ climate of organisational restructures. We’re keen to keep our jobs but then we make the leap between saying ‘no’ and losing our jobs. However, saying ‘no’ to more work is part of self-leadership because it is linked with job effectiveness.
Saying ‘no’ is easier when we: are crystal clear on our job purpose; understand our personal purpose and do more of our ‘sweet spot’ activities; know and spend the bulk of our time on our high leverage activities; sort out in our own head that ‘doing it all’ does not equate to feeling valued; set boundaries and expectations clearly with others; jointly find solutions; are proactive in managing changing priorities.
There is no one thing that will get us saying ‘no’ but a clear head, underpinned by a sense of purpose and progress makes it far easier to say ‘no’ in a jittery employment environment.

Balancing guilt

Have you ever noticed when you talk to a professional mum, in some form, the notion of guilt arises.  In fact talking to most mothers there is an element of guilt, whether they have returned to paid employment, considering it, or choosing to stay at home. Mums and guilt seem to go hand in hand…. Read more

The Problem with Introverts (by an Extrovert)

When it comes down it, there is no problem with Introverts. Well none that can’t be solved by you giving us a bit of energy, not taking tasks so personally, saying what you are really thinking and remembering that its not really conflict! This blog explores the habits of introverts from an Extroverts (tongue in cheek perspective)