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The Value of Social Capital

An interesting recent observation I have made is around how good women are at “chatting’.  Really, I hear you say, we all know women have no problem chatting when they get together!  Actually, the real observation I have made is that as women, while we don’t lack the ability to chat, we do seem to… Read more

Being Clear

Clearly explaining what you are looking for in terms of improvement from a member of staff can save time, energy and stress for you and your staff member. The SBI feedback model is a useful tool to follow.

Reflecting on High Performance

Watching Team New Zealand in action over the last few days has got us thinking about how they have turned their practice time into high performance. One of the team wondered if they were an example of some of the best practice we have seen so it seemed like a good time to re-visit this blog about what people’s actual definition of high performance is.

Putting yourself first

Over the years I have read articles and heard people talk about looking after yourself first before you look after others.  In fact on flights, that is what the safety video insists you do; (the oxygen mask theory) put the mask on yourself first before helping others to fit theirs. On one hand it makes… Read more

Leadership and Mindset

We are in The Knowledge Economy, requiring flat, networked-based crews with decentralised decision-making. This ‘flat’ collegial way of working, requires an attendance to mindset rather than skillset. By mindset we mean focusing on our underlying assumptions, how these shape our ‘reality,’ and the possibilities for the future.
A vehicle for accessing our assumptions is through the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is about creating in ourselves a state of active open attention on the present, on purpose and non-judgmentally. Calling on an integrated three-part approach to becoming mindful, from Shapiro et al 2006, that Intention, Attitude and Attention (IAA), can really pay off. By increasing our awareness of the importance of mindset in our leadership, we become more able to shape our ‘reality’ and the possibilities for the future, including our adaptation to ever changing circumstances.