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The Public Face of Leadership

Returning from a day out up north recently I was cut up by a driver as two lanes merged to one. You might say that this wasn’t an unusual occurrence but what caught my attention was that this driver was in a car heavily branded with the logo of very public company.
It got me thinking. If you were that driver wouldn’t you be wary of the impact on the brand with your very public actions? Wouldn’t you set out to drive with a bit of consideration for your potential customers. You would think so wouldnt you!
Let’s take that idea further. If you were a high-end salesman pitching to a blue chip would you turn up in jeans? No, you would think about what you wore and how that represented the company brand. Wouldn’t you?
Most of us are very aware of our employers company brand, what that means and how we represent it. Organisations that place importance on their brand also tend to make brand awareness part of their culture as they strive for BIBO (no, not the kids Facebook, it means Brand Inside= Brand Outside).
So we are probably aware of the importance of the company brand with regards to our sales etc. But let me ask you whether as a leader you think as hard about your personal ‘leadership brand’? Do you have a clear idea of what kind of leader you want to be and what that takes? Do you know how you want to be perceived by people & act accordingly? Do you strive to behave in a way that enhances your brand? Do you have a personal brand strategy? Did you know that you actually have a brand whether you like it or not?

If your answer to many of these questions is ‘No’ then why not start thinking about it now and write down the answers to a few of the kind of questions your Altris coach would ask you as part of our Leadership Brand coaching programme:

  • How do you want to perceived by your bosses, peers and your staff?
  • What do you want said about you when you get promoted, or if you leave?
  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • How would everyone else describe your leadership style?
  • How do you want to be known in the job marketplace?

If you’d drive the car with care and choose the right suit to a meeting, then why not put the same thought in to the way you lead?

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