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Don’t Burn the Roses

I come across many leaders who are in charge of teams of talent that they themselves excel at. They have often been promoted or climbed the ladder to an exec/leadership position and have a huge understanding of their own field, but limited experience of how to lead and deal with people strategy & management.  Let’s be honest, managing and motivating a team, whilst having to bring in your own deliverables, can be extremely challenging and requires a flexing and often building of new muscles.  As we know, leadership skills are not a natural “given” to even the best performers of a department.  It requires a totally different skill set, alongside a heavy dose of resilience.

I feel for those leaders who have to continue in an operational sense be it creative, sales, marketing, digital etc.  They often need support, understanding & coaching on how to become a good leader.  Yes, it’s a skill set that can be learnt… but, on saying that, is not for everyone.

I’m keen to see more resources offered to assist these rock stars, as I’m saddened by how much burn out I see of these incredible, talented and kind people who are sometimes just hanging on by their fingernails. Long hours, no breaks, emails during the evening and at weekends, limited family life…..COME ON!!!  That is not a culture of success.

CEO’s out there: I challenge you to look at your exec team and leaders and check if they have the right resources in order to succeed and win both professionally & personally.  If someone is working a huge amount of hours I would suggest you are going to see burn out down the line.  Often the signs are covered up as high achievers push themselves and their teams hard. Get clear on the questions to ask of them, be brave and have the leadership conversations to help identify who needs more support.   And whilst you’re at it have a quick check in on “yourself”….how are you doing?


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