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Make your Bed!

Wake up early; drink coffee; eat breakfast; see each day as a new opportunity; make your bed; turn up; be present; work smart; be ambitious; don’t settle; avoid mediocrity; be kind; exercise; eat clean; eat treats; drink for fun; ask questions; be a cheerleader; go to the theatre; hug more; always look up; watch the sunrises & sunsets; play your music loud; dance often; smell good; graze your knees; be creative; mix up your routine; be surprising to others & yourself; under promise and over deliver; say NO more often; say YES more often; give others space to dance & shine; be authentic; do what you love in play if you can’t in work; hold hands; laugh until you snort; lift each other up; speak loud & be proud; dance to the beat of your own drum; be colourful; be the best you can in what you do; don’t compare yourself to others; aim to lead in something; aim to follow in something else; study “you”; know & own your superpower; keep learning; listen to the young professionals; have hobbies; have attitude; and…make each day count, this moment is the only one that is guaranteed.


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