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The Gap Between Fear and Success

Often our journey seems like an uphill slog, carrying a heavy backpack with a cold wind blowing in our faces.  As we look up, the top of the hill is in sight yet still seems so far away.  We know that once we reach it, we’ll be able to rest in the warm sunshine, having a clear view of all the new possibilities stretched out before us.

But for now, that space between where we are and where we want to be seems impossibly far away.  In this gap between feeling stuck now and success are the old fears of self-doubt, insecurity, fear of failure and being disconnected from our closest ones.  All those old fears we’ve accumulated as we’ve journeyed on our path through life.  Often those old experiences get packed in our backpack, slung on our shoulder and taken with us into our future.

Yet, right then, in that gap is a chance to take a deep breath to connect with who your truly are and to have the confidence to drop the mask that you show the world; the mask that’s the false promise of protecting you from those old fears you’re carrying on your back.

Sometimes we don’t realise that we can leave our baggage in the past as it’s served its purpose and we can move forward without it, feeling lighter and freer (having taken the lesson from it of course).

Once you realise you can discard your baggage and your mask, you have the freedom to connect with all your inner resources of courage, confidence, passion and strength to take the step forward.  Because when your intent is pure, whether it is to help people, to motivate, to inspire, or to serve, masks and baggage only dilute your true presence.

As you take that step forward, you can hear a supportive voice saying, “You’ve got this, you can do it!”.  With each step, you move forward on your journey until you reach the top.  And as you do, you enjoy that wonderful feeling of the sun’s rays warming your face and the glow of achievement and pride inside.  From here, feeling fulfilled, accomplished and satisfied, you take a new, fuller breath and appreciate how far you’ve come.  And then you look ahead to see all the new possibilities you have to choose from.


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