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Worry, Anxiety and Doubt – I Hold You Close But You’re Not My Friends

Company restructure, disestablished, 30 days’ notice!

Oh no, it’s really happened!

Shock, anger, worry, anxiety, turmoil

Feeling like my security and certainty is suddenly yanked away


Initial thoughts…

What about the mortgage?

What about the bills?

Who am I without this job, this title?

My world suddenly feels like it’s collapsing


What next….

I need another job

I have to get another job

What will I do?

Who will want me?

It feels like a cold, dark and stormy day


And now…

Redundancy pay confirmed

New job secured

And 2 weeks holiday before I start!

Life is good, the sun is out, why did I worry so much?


Worry, anxiety, doubt, I hold you close but you’re not my friends.

I create worry and anxiety yet others see me move naturally from success to success.

Next time you encounter adversity and upheaval, and you feel doubt and anxiety rear their ugly heads, pause to remember your successes in life are not by accident.  You’ve achieved all your accomplishments in life so far and you will apply yourself again and create even more.


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