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24 Boxes!

I came across a true story the other day about a young law graduate, who we’ll call Andy,  going for his first job.  Andy decided to use a unique approach to job hunting.  He approached the top 4 law firms and gave them the opportunity to tender for HIM!  Sound cheeky? This was the first time I’ve ever heard of someone at the age of 24 being confident enough to do this so I was intrigued to hear more.

It turns out, Andy had quite an impressive resume.  He could speak four languages, had two degrees, did social work and he was a fit and active sportsman!

One of the law firms asked Andy, “How do you manage to fit so much into your day?  Where do you find the time?”

Andy answered I don’t use the word ‘time’. The manager was confused and he asked Andy how he operates in regards to time.  Andy’s response was “24 boxes!  It’s simple, we each have 24 boxes a day.  Each box is like a 5L container box.  You can only fit 5L into a 5L box.  You can’t squeeze 6L into a 5L box.  For example, each day I label 8 boxes for sleep.  I then label my ‘work’ boxes and ‘exercise’ box’ …. you get the picture?

Straight away my mind started racing.  I was lost in how powerful this way of looking at time could be, especially for working parents.  It’s important to remember that work has its boxes and then you need to allocate ‘x’ number of boxes for your family and personal relationships.  How many times have you tried to squeeze work into your family box?

‘Time’ can too often be open to negotiation.  Alternatively, when you try and squeeze one more thing into an already full 5L box you really have to sacrificing something to fit another thing in. That’s what I like about the box concept.

I’m off to type up a template of 24 boxes!  I know !  I’m a geek!


  1. Really interesting Anna. What a wise 24 year old. I’m going to embrace his theory more in my life.

    Comment by Pen — April 11, 2016 at 20:59

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