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Throwing Away the Map and Learning to Enjoy the Journey

This is a story of a traveller…

A traveller who had travelled the world and wherever he travelled he fared very well, largely because he had his trusty map and his backpack.  His map was very detailed, it showed him where to turn when he came to obstacles and his backpack was fully stocked with everything that he could ever need to keep him safe.

Being a skilled and experienced traveller he was prepared for any situation. He had no shortage of useful stuff to help him on his journeys.  The trouble was that his shoulders hurt with carrying this big backpack with all his stuff, stuff he thought was essential.  The straps of this heavy pack felt like they were cutting deeper and deeper into his shoulders with each step.

Over time, his feet also began to ache with all his wandering and travelling and he thought it was time to return to his own land.  As always he had his trusty map so he knew his return would be easy but when he arrived home he was astonished to discover a new place he had never seen before. Imagine his surprise when he discovered this new place wasn’t even marked on his faithful map!

In this new land he was amazed and a little perplexed to find hills and even mountains he had not heard of which weren’t marked on his trusted map.  He also came across strange weather patterns, closed roads and traffic jams that his map couldn’t warn him of or predict.  Damn it he thought!  After a month or more of trying to fit this new terrain to his map he realised the map that he had carried for so long was now of little use and in a moment of inspiration he threw it away.

He slowly learnt new ways of navigating his way around this new land and its obstacles.  He found more benefit in relating to and reading the natural terrain as he travelled,  seeing and fully experiencing the lush green rolling hills, hearing the tranquil streams babble and feeling the crisp fresh air.  He was also pleasantly surprised to meet other travellers in this new land who were on a similar journey.  Throwing away his trusted map had given him a bizarre sense of freedom.  It was very weird, he felt liberated, he had a sense of space and lightness… (or maybe it was just the mushrooms he had eaten for lunch).

With this new sense of freedom, he became more aware of the pain in his shoulders where his heavy backpack was digging deeper and deeper.  Reluctantly he decided to lighten his load by leaving some of his precious ‘stuff’ behind.  These prized possessions had helped him in the past, they had always been such a part of him but now he had a strange sense that he no longer needed them.  By releasing these things he previously had thought were so important, he again had the liberating feeling of being lighter, more confident and having more options.

As he breathed in and experienced these wonderful new ways of being he found that he could talk freely to the other travellers with a new sense of ease.  Where once he had been wary and defensive with strangers he now connected and enjoyed these wonderful new friendships.  With these new authentic connections he learned even more about himself and this new land.  He discovered new joys that he hadn’t previously thought possible.

Where once he drove himself relentlessly harder and harder to go further and higher, now he achieved his goals and then enjoyed resting by the cool lake in the afternoon sun with other fine travellers.  He enjoyed the journey, knowing that there is so much more to look forward to and experience along his path.


Like the traveller I also learnt that my ‘map’ of the world was based on experiences and limiting beliefs from the past. What I actually wanted was to live in the present so I learnt to trust that I could safely throw away my old map of the world and step up into my own truth and trust my inner compass.  I have learnt to enjoy the new unknown territory of the path ahead and everything that it brings.  By doing this I have been able to connect more authentically and on a deeper level with those I encounter on this path of life.


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