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Living Your Passionate Life


Living a passionate life…  Living Your passionate life…  This sounds exotic, powerful and even mysterious but what does it actually mean?  I know it exists and I’ve witnessed people who are living in this rare way but how do you live a passionate life?

You just know when people are living in line with their true passion.  They are the people who have an inner glow and who radiate vitality.  Joy shines from them and they move with a sense of purpose.

Your passions are the essence of who you are and what make your life worth living.

The common belief is that to live a life of passion is out of reach.  It’s a fantasy that only a few lucky people have obtained by some weird stroke of luck.  We know there is more to life than the endless loop of work and home.  We know there is more out there that we can achieve and enjoy but how do we reach it?

The Army taught me a lot of things, but perhaps the most empowering lesson was that our limitations are only perceived.  I was shown (often not by choice) that what I thought were my limits were only in my mind.  Limits were just imaginary barriers that I could bust through any time I chose to (or when a very loud, intimidating Sergeant told me that I was about to bust through).  With planning, perseverance, faith in ourselves and by facing our fears we can all achieve our goals and dreams.  There is always a way around a hurdle or obstacle.  Step back, ask for help, move around it, view the problem from a new perspective and open your mind to think in a new and refreshing way.

Keys to Living Your Passionate Life

  1. Identify and understand what you are truly passionate about
  2. Make your passion a priority (if it is really your passion it will be worth the sacrifices)
  3. Make a conscious and determined choice to live your passion
  4. Recognise and own your uniqueness
  5. Have faith and belief in yourself
  6. Feel the fear and then act anyway

Be the author of your own story, if you don’t, you’re just a character in someone else’s

Are your passions worth your time?  Do you remember the time when you were connected to what you loved to do?  Are you nurturing these? Without that connection to your passions, your joy of life will ebb away a little every day until one day you’ll stop and think ‘what has happened?’   Like a boat in the sunset disappearing over the distant horizon.

Your passions are those things that fill you with life, joy and vitality.  They provide the foundation we all need to bear the necessary but uninspiring things that we must do to survive.  The common objection to hearing that you can live your passion is ‘but how do I survive?’  ‘How do I make money to live?’

The key to living a passion-driven life is to identify where your passions are and then live them more and more each day.  As you live for your passions you will find ways to create the income you need around what you love doing.  It may start with reconnecting to a hobby you once had for just an hour each week or doing more of that thing that gives you that deep sense of fulfilment and then expanding that as it feels right.  Yes there may be sacrifices, yes there may be things that change but is it worth it to live a life that you fully enjoy?

Find the difference between merely being alive and truly living!

Take the time to discover your answers to these questions:

  • What ignites you to make you feel alive?
  • What used to excite you before you forgot it?
  • What are you afraid to try because you might fail or it takes you out of your comfort zone?
  • What gives you that wonderful inner feeling of fulfilment and joy?
  • What can you re-prioritise so that you begin living your life, your way?

Your passions are the things that fill you with life, joy and vitality. Decide what one thing you are going to DO this week to move yourself one step closer to living your passion driven life.  With continued small steps, great things are achieved.


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