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Purpose + Heart = True Power

The power of purpose is ever surprising and inspirational.

Formalities had strangled the prospect of reconciliation between two employees. There were agreements made through mediation and these hadn’t worked.
So, with courage tinged by desperation their manager decided to try something new. He got them together, said that he’d ‘had enough’ of this year-long impasse and was going to try something new.
He asked each to sit down and say one thing they respected about the other. That opened up a new and deeper conversation and both spontaneously apologised. This moment became a watershed in the relationship between the two employees.

Sometimes it is when we are at the end of our tether that we get the most creative. Sometimes it is the most simple of things which are the most profound. Sometimes it is the one-ness of the heart that brings two very different people together and which leaves the ‘division-mind’ for dead.

(Attribution: Concepts of Division-mind and Oneness-heart from Sri Chinmoy)

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