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There is always a silver lining when you look at a situation.  Sometimes you have to look hard, but if you look hard enough, you will find it.  My current situation is a good example.

As I sit here after knee reconstruction surgery with my leg in a splint, in pain, toasting my 40th birthday and not being able to move easily, I did wonder where my silver lining was.  However when I looked again it was obvious, it was to learn the art of rest, recuperation and slowing down!

When you have a reputation for being someone that walks fast, talks fast, and is constantly on the move doing three things at once, then you can imagine ‘sitting down’ and ‘resting’ doesn’t come naturally.

So the silver lining that came out of my situation was that I had enforced rest with time to sit and read, which if I am honest, often isn’t a priority.  My brain wasn’t quite at the functioning level to produce quality work, so reading was a good option.

As we all know there is a lot of information, articles, books and resources that come our way for work, personal learning, and leisure. Sometimes so much information that I for one get overwhelmed.  Where do I start? What is important? Which links are useful? Which articles are worth reading through to the end?

Through my weeks of filtering information and resources (while resting and recuperating), I came across some useful information in an area I am passionate about which is developing women leaders.  I came across 5 top books written (in no particular order) by some well known and inspirational women and wanted to share the key learnings with you, to help filter some of the information that comes across your desk.

1. Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me.

Condoleeza’s top tip: Find yourself a mentor – it doesn’t matter who it is.

“It’s good to have female or minority role models. But the important thing is to have mentors who care about you, and they come in all colours.”

2. Tina Fey: Bossypants

Tina’s top tip: Ignore the Haters

“So, my unsolicited advice to women in the workplace is this. When faced with sexism, or ageism, or lookism, or even really aggressive Buddhism, ask yourself the following question: “Is this person in between me and what I want to do?” If the answer is no, ignore it and move on. Your energy is better used doing your work and outpacing people that way. Then, when you’re in charge, don’t hire the people who were jerky to you.”

3. Hillary Clinton: It Takes a Village

Hillary’s top tip: We all need to support each other

“We need to understand that there is no formula for how women should lead their lives. That is why we must respect the choices that each woman makes for herself and her family. Every woman deserves the chance to realise her God-given potential.”

4.  Sheryl Sandberg: Lean In

Sheryl’s top tip: Forget perfection, just get on with it

“I have tried to embrace this motto and let go of unattainable standards. Aiming for perfection causes frustration at best and paralysis at worst. Done is better than perfect.”

5. Arianna Huffington: Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder,

Arianna’s top tip: It’s time to re-examine success

“The way we’ve defined success is no longer sustainable for human beings or for societies. To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a Third Metric, a third measure of success that goes beyond the two metrics of money and power, and consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.”

I have found that the challenge (and benefit) with the world we live in today is the amount of information we have access to and and the ability (or lack of) to determine quickly whether it is worth making the time to read the information, or not.  I hope this summary helps you quickly determine whether these are worth reading for you.


  1. I love this article Jayne. Although I’m very sorry that you have been off your feet, your silver lining is a bonus for all of us. It’s so hard to keep up with email let alone books so thank you for these brief snapshots. Maybe you could have some enforced rest every month and give us more??

    Comment by Donna — April 8, 2014 at 15:17

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