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Feel like an Imposter?

Ever had the feeling you’re not qualified for that new job and will be “found out”? You’re not alone. It’s called Imposter Syndrome (IS). IS is reasonably well researched. Interestingly, most people who experience IS would NOT say,”I feel like an impostor.” Yet, when they read or hear about the experience, they say, “How did you know exactly how I feel?”
And how do they feel? Even though they are often very successful by external standards, IS sufferers feel their successes have been due to ‘luck’ outside of their control.
Apparently we all could get it at some stage in our lives, presenting as a crisis in confidence.
As an executive coach, I come across a lot of wasted talented from people who get ‘in their own way.‘ I see the amount of lost potential as grave.
We offer tips to overcome IS, which revolve around: self acceptance, empowering thoughts, gaining perspective and designing fit for purpose solutions.

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