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Practice Makes Perfect

Experience from learning how to play the guitar causes some reflection on the typical approach to development of leadership / business skills. A spaced / coaching approach is more likely to deliver results than an immersion approach.

What Stops a Courageous Conversation?

We all know we need to have them, we all know they are valuable, we know that sooner rather than later is a better approach, yet everyday we avoid and put off having courageous conversations. Most people I talk to dislike being the bearer of bad news and so avoid giving people feedback, primarily due… Read more

Leadership in Changing Times

During changing times it’s important to continue to demonstrate your leadership – and to avoid being distracted by too may extraneous issues.

Developing Positive Intelligence

Time spent developing our Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) can deliver increased happiness, improved sales, better relationships, higher performance in teams etc. Doing so requires the application of some simple mindfulness type techniques.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias
Heather Price, an international diversity expert, helped us to make links between how our unconscious biases inhibit advancing the diversity agenda. She also provided some rather compelling evidence that having women in senior leadership positions, including Board positions, significantly increases financial performance and that there is a dearth of women in such positions in New Zealand. Unconscious bias is by its nature hard to grapple with and acknowledge. Our biases are not usually logical. Biases – both conscious and unconscious – are part of our human condition. When overdone, biases are the foundation of stereotypes, prejudice and ultimately, discrimination. And they limit diversity, and thereby opportunity. They are not inherently evil, but they are limiting. Given the trickiness of this condition, it is no surprise that, as yet, there is no ready roadmap for undoing either overt or especially hidden stereotypes and prejudices. We know that conscious attitudes and beliefs can change with effort and dedication. So like a lot of things, being aware, keeping open and giving our assumptions air time in a safe environment, all help with addressing diversity and importantly with seeing opportunity for both personal and company growth.