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The Problem with Introverts (by an Extrovert)

When it comes down it, there is no problem with Introverts. Well none that can’t be solved by you giving us a bit of energy, not taking tasks so personally, saying what you are really thinking and remembering that its not really conflict! This blog explores the habits of introverts from an Extroverts (tongue in cheek perspective)

Happiness Leads to Success

Positive psychology an neuroscience are showing that success is a function of happiness rather than the other way round. This requires us to re-think how we develop ourselves and our people. We need to work on our thinking and happiness as the route to success.

Your own best, not your mates

It always interests me when some people feel it is their responsibility or right to take an interest in other peoples lives and actions.  Feeling they need to comment and give their views on what they observe and their thoughts on whether what they see is right or wrong.  For example, recently a fellow parent… Read more

It’s Lonely at the Top

It’s lonely at the Top. Apparently the more senior we get, the more lonely we can get. Recent research shows that the powerful can become the architects of their own loneliness. Power apparently inspires us to think cynically about others’ motives for their deeds. The very state of being powerful also causes us to feel less connected to others. By implication, we may get an ever-decreasing circle of goodwill.

What can we do about this? Like any challenge, just being aware of the downstream effects of loneliness, does help. Notice how you explain the causes of behavior and events. Not to change anything, but just to notice. As a second step, take a fresh look and test yourself. Differentiate between you and your various roles rather than transfer over feelings of power from one context to another. Be aware of what role you are in at any point in time. Create cues that remind you to move from one role to another. So feeling lonely has its drawbacks not only for oneself but also for our relationships with others. As senior executives it behoves us to be aware and to act responsibly.

Widening your View

Sometimes we get so close and involved in an issue that we become myopic and unable to see things clearly. Taking a step back and thinking from another’s perspective can be a powerful way of getting out of the ‘issue’ and to begin to identify potential ways forward.