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Leadership Brand – Why Bother?

The benefits that can come from spending time developing your Leadership Brand

The Mindset of Leader as Coach

There is enough evidence around now to testify that using a coaching framework for conversations really contributes to business. Using a coaching framework is especially good for situations requiring increased clarity, generating ideas, challenging a mindset, increased accountability and buy-in as well as increased self-efficacy. Coaching is therefore becoming a mindset that we can live our lives by, rather than just a tool

The Public Face of Leadership

Most of us are very aware of our employers company brand and what that means and how we represent it. Organisations that place importance on their brand also tend to make brand awareness part of their culture as they strive for BIBO (no not the kids Facebook, it means Brand Inside= Brand Outside).
So we are probably aware of the importance of the company brand with regards to our sales etc. But let me ask you whether as a leader you think as hard about your personal ‘leadership brand’?