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Work that Relationship

The benefit of investing time and energy in relationships – to build our Relationship Equity – is a key element of business success.

You Take Your Holiday With You – Part 2

Here are some useful tips to keep re-freshed, after the holiday trip:
Have things around us that remind us of the trip – visuals, music. My screen saver now has my favourite ‘park’ of Paris which invokes feelings of calm and relaxation.
Start noticing the things that really relax us. For me this amounted to people-watching, parks and drinking fine wine. I can to some extent repeat these activities back at home base and by the associations I’ve built up, click into a more relaxed frame of mind when I need to. How long has it been since we’ve been to our local museum?
Re-frame our thinking from ‘once the holiday is over, it’s back to reality.’ The experience of travel gives us learnings about the world and ourselves in it, which will affect our future. For example, how can we create a relaxed working environment for ourselves?
Notice and note things that impress us, so we can reflect on them when we wish to.
Spend time outside, because it is easy to get curious about what’s going on, out on the streets. Go on guided walks with skilled guides – the trips are both full of fun and education.
If we are able to build lasting positive associations between the trip away and what is happening now, we can call on those associations when we most need them, as a strategy for keeping ourselves refreshed.

You Take Your Holiday With You

Holidays can wear off, IF we let them. There are many things you can do to retain that holiday feel. It’s all about creating head space which is a key requirement for being a great leader. To create space we need to build up lasting positive associations now, which we can call on when we most need them.

Make It Real

Creating a Coaching Culture is an example of a complex initiative. Amidst increasing complexity, we need to keep it simple by asking “how do we make real this initiative?” By so doing, we will close the gap between what we say we want as leaders and what we get.

Tough choices in time management

Prioritisation of a leaders time is an important topic for all leaders. But what is the impact of those priority choices? This blog poses the tough question and aims to provoke leaders in to thinking about the impact of their priority choices.