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Using the tools you have

How many of your staff remember everything they are shown in training? How many go back to their toolbox and look at the elements that were ‘not important when I learned them’ but ‘could be useful now’.
Just as it took my expert neighbour to help me remember what tools I actually had in my toolbox at home before reminding me how to use them, it often takes a bit of prompting from experts for your staff to use the tools that you have given them.

Unity is where you look for it

Unity is always there, we just need to uncover it. Getting people to contribute in a safe environment is a good start. Another platform is to get them to talk about who they are and what really matters to them. When we do these things first, we uncover Unity. As a result we come up with sustainable solutions so much more efficiently.

Stacking the odds in your favour.

There is a lot of advice available on how to get a benefit from training. Much of it is aimed at the trainer or the HR/OD department (include pre-work, brief the attendee in advance, conduct need analysis, provide context for the employee etc), but what about the attendee? What ownership does the user have for delivering a return on the development?