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Rightfully Happy?

Organisations conduct engagement surveys for many reasons, but the simplest is based on an assumption that an engaged workforce is likely to deliver the discretionary effort that all businesses seek. There are, of course, associated benefits of staff engagement leading to retention thereby keeping knowledge in-house and reducing the cost of staff recruitment, but for most its ultimately about performance. So it’s interesting that we’ve had a few conversations with clients who have found that the survey numbers don’t always equate to improved performance. This blog shares some client experiences and considers a coaching approach to engagement

The Need for Perseverance

The need to keep persevering with a change over the long term. Change takes time and its too easy to give up on it when impacts don’t come through quickly.

Recovery Tactics

I’ve had a cold for the last few days. You might think that is not a good start for a blog from Altris, but hang in there. Like most men when it comes to any form of ‘not being well’, I never know whether to pretend it isn’t happening or collapse in a pitiful heap… Read more

Make It Real

Creating a Coaching Culture is an example of a complex initiative. Amidst increasing complexity, we need to keep it simple by asking “how do we make real this initiative?” By so doing, we will close the gap between what we say we want as leaders and what we get.

Focus On What you DO Want

By focusing on what you DO want, great things can happen in your life. It’s easier said than done of course, since we can get ‘flooded by’ and ‘in a lather’ about what we don’t want to happen. Yet, accepting the NOW state is the pathway to moving forward. Appreciating the current state can give dividends too. Gratitude for what IS going right and giving thanks, are also part of the repertoire for creating the right mindset to get focused on what you DO want, and then to see and seize upon opportunities.