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Turning Purpose in to Action

Meetings are the staple diet of our everyday lives in the workplace but they are often ‘too long’, ‘don’t achieve anything’, ‘boring’ and ‘a waste of time’ for many of us. In this blog we look at a team who used their purpose to define their agendas, turning meetings into a vehicle for the team to work together as a team rather than a reason to work apart.

Clarity of Purpose for Non-Traditional Teams

Clarity of purpose is vital to teams and leaders. Defining that for non-traditional teams (e.g. project or cross functional or self-managed) can be difficult.

Valuing High Performance

If you do not feel you are part of a high performing team, there may be issues with building relationships in your team or concerns with relating to team members within your team. This is one area where you can focus to start to design a high performing team.

The Value Of A Clear Leading Purpose

A clear leading purpose gives both focus and confidence.

Stacking the odds in your favour.

There is a lot of advice available on how to get a benefit from training. Much of it is aimed at the trainer or the HR/OD department (include pre-work, brief the attendee in advance, conduct need analysis, provide context for the employee etc), but what about the attendee? What ownership does the user have for delivering a return on the development?