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Measuring the Performance of Groups

The different elements that can be measured in assessing high performance in a group as opposed to a team.

Conflict Between Direct Reports – Are YOU Part of the Problem?

When “doing more with less” is the way we do things around here, tempers can become frayed. Interpersonal conflict between direct reports may be a frequent outcome. Knowing when and how to input as a leader to resolve conflict is easier said than done. In this blog, we give guidelines on negotiating this mine field.

High Performing Group?

For many years organisations have done this by structuring their employees into workgroups normally defined by a common task or activity. Over the last 40 years the concept of teams has become more prevalent as organisations began to understand that a teaming approach moved the workgroup from a collection of individuals with individual tasks to a more powerful unit drawing on each other’s strengths to achieve a common goal….at least that’s the theory!
So does it matter if you are in a Team or a Group? We explore this question in this blog

Learning from the Black Caps

Difficulties can arise when coaching or mentoring is done by someone who is also assessing performance. This article suggests some ways of avoiding these difficulties.

Unity is where you look for it

Unity is always there, we just need to uncover it. Getting people to contribute in a safe environment is a good start. Another platform is to get them to talk about who they are and what really matters to them. When we do these things first, we uncover Unity. As a result we come up with sustainable solutions so much more efficiently.