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What’s not being said?

How open is your organisation to dealing with its ‘sacred cows’, its ‘biases’ and its issues? In this blog we explore the way to implement a coaching and feedback culture and some of the issues that you face.

Focus on what you can control

Describes a process for switching attention to elements under your control or influence and away from those that are outside your control.

Focus On What you DO Want

By focusing on what you DO want, great things can happen in your life. It’s easier said than done of course, since we can get ‘flooded by’ and ‘in a lather’ about what we don’t want to happen. Yet, accepting the NOW state is the pathway to moving forward. Appreciating the current state can give dividends too. Gratitude for what IS going right and giving thanks, are also part of the repertoire for creating the right mindset to get focused on what you DO want, and then to see and seize upon opportunities.


Authenticity is about being real with oneself and others. It is a very compelling and attractive way to get traction because it sets the tone for others being themselves at their very best. Although easier said than done, leadership authenticity is more likely when we:
Directly and freshly experience the context or environment that we have helped to create,
seek feedback and suggestions for improvement, and not least of all, commit to our own development as leaders.

Using the tools you have

How many of your staff remember everything they are shown in training? How many go back to their toolbox and look at the elements that were ‘not important when I learned them’ but ‘could be useful now’.
Just as it took my expert neighbour to help me remember what tools I actually had in my toolbox at home before reminding me how to use them, it often takes a bit of prompting from experts for your staff to use the tools that you have given them.