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Returning Mothers – A Manager’s Perspective

Last month we wrote about the phases of motherhood from a mother’s perspective.  This is one side of the coin, with the other side of the coin (in a professional context) being the manager’s perspective. For the manager of a new mum, it’s a transition into a new team structure (without the mother), sometimes with… Read more

The Phases of Motherhood – A Mother’s Perspective

Women have been having children for years, it’s no big deal; I am going to continue with my ‘normal’ life once the baby comes along; surely she can continue with her workload immediately when she returns, she hasn’t been gone that long. These are all comments we still hear today, where people still have the… Read more

Look in the Mirror

I was talking with a group today and after listening to the conversation for some time, I realised that a lot of the people involved in the discussion weren’t happy with how they saw themselves. If they were to hold a mirror in front of them, they saw only the flaws and what was missing…. Read more

Embrace, don’t penalise, difference

Rather than dismiss or ridicule thinking and values that are different, perhaps now is the time to take stock of the strengths and differences we have around us, and focus on the strengths we have that make us unique.

Engaging the Absent

Have you finally got your team complete, after many set backs to eventually getting the “right” team dynamic, when one of the team advises they are pregnant? Read more for assumptions you shouldn’t make.