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The working mother’s dilemma

I am often asked the question, “What do you think is the best option for work after you have a child?” I don’t believe there is one right answer, however what I have found is that having flexibility when returning to work seems to be the preferred option, with ‘part-time’ being the most common request…. Read more

Struggle of the juggle

The struggle of the juggle is a topic very dear to my heart as a working mother of three, a Director, a Chairperson, a wife and an individual. So what is the struggle of the juggle? When I asked some of the key New Zealand women I know, they talked about this being the reality… Read more

A Rushing Woman – Are you one?

A new term I heard recently was ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’, something that quite frankly I believe applies to 95% of mothers in their 30s and 40s. I recently attended a great talk by Dr Libby Weaver on this topic and I was fascinated as it is a topic very dear to my heart as I… Read more

Working Mothers’ Guilt

There is a saying, just because you feel guilty, doesn’t mean you are guilty. That’s the most important bit of information that any working mother needs to know. Guilt is a word that constantly pops up in conversation when we support mothers returning to work.  Feeling guilty, or managing guilt tends to be a recurring… Read more

Returning Mothers – A Manager’s Perspective

Last month we wrote about the phases of motherhood from a mother’s perspective.  This is one side of the coin, with the other side of the coin (in a professional context) being the manager’s perspective. For the manager of a new mum, it’s a transition into a new team structure (without the mother), sometimes with… Read more