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Balancing guilt

Have you ever noticed when you talk to a professional mum, in some form, the notion of guilt arises.  In fact talking to most mothers there is an element of guilt, whether they have returned to paid employment, considering it, or choosing to stay at home. Mums and guilt seem to go hand in hand…. Read more

The Middle Aged Tween Crisis

Being a working mother for nearly a decade and working with other working mothers I have come to understand the trials and tribulations we all seem to have in common. It struck me during a recent coaching session that one of the repeating Aha moments many professional mothers I have worked with have, is the… Read more

Stop the Cycle of Average Leadership

As executive coaches we are in the delightful and unique position of working with inspirational leaders on a regular basis.  We are also in the unique position of working with some great leaders, some good leaders, some poor leaders, and some very unaware leaders. Sometimes the difference is a consequence of the leader not being… Read more

Stop Apologising

Women in leadership, women on boards, gender balance in management, all seem very topical at the moment, or perhaps just reflective of the environment I am currently operating in? There is certainly more discussion on the topic and recently I have been asked more and more about the challenges of career progression for professional mothers… Read more

Exercise to Re-energise

As I sit at my kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon planning work for the coming week, my mind is swirling with the upcoming week’s activities – I’ve nearly finished making the class costumes for my daughters end of term performance, the house is a mess, there is washing to sort out, and of course… Read more