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Putting yourself first

Over the years I have read articles and heard people talk about looking after yourself first before you look after others.  In fact on flights, that is what the safety video insists you do; (the oxygen mask theory) put the mask on yourself first before helping others to fit theirs. On one hand it makes… Read more

Lessons Learnt

I have recently been seeing the positive benefits from women sharing success stories and lessons learnt from their experiences. As working mothers we can sometimes get stuck in a rut and end up feeling like that hamster on a wheel, running like mad and going nowhere. So here are few lessons learnt that have helped… Read more

Negotiate your worth

At Altris we are all about sharing useful information to save you time trawling through the many pieces of information that come into your inbox everyday.  I came across an interesting article on Women’s Agenda, written by Gillian Franklin, Director of The Heat Group, which shares the results of a recent Heat Group Poll, looking… Read more

Balancing guilt

Have you ever noticed when you talk to a professional mum, in some form, the notion of guilt arises.  In fact talking to most mothers there is an element of guilt, whether they have returned to paid employment, considering it, or choosing to stay at home. Mums and guilt seem to go hand in hand…. Read more

Your own best, not your mates

It always interests me when some people feel it is their responsibility or right to take an interest in other peoples lives and actions.  Feeling they need to comment and give their views on what they observe and their thoughts on whether what they see is right or wrong.  For example, recently a fellow parent… Read more