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Giving Clear Feedback

Provides ideas managers can take to develop clarity around the feedback they want to give to a direct report. As a result there is a better chance of successfully changing behaviour.

The Value of Gaining Role Clarity

Getting clear on your role purpose can help reduce stress, improve performance, and deliver better outcomes for the individual and the business

A pre-shot routine for leaders

The benefits of adopting the golf professional’s discipline of a regular ‘pre-shot’ routine to business and leadership issues – to give the best possible chance of success.

Selective Amnesia

A number of the mental techniques I use on the golf course are equally appropriate in a business context.

The first is that of ‘Selective Amnesia’ – choosing to remember the events and situations that are helpful to you as opposed to those that are not.

Imagine I wasn’t here

Often staff simply want to run their ideas past their manager rather than have them solve the issues or problems. Asking the question ‘What would you do if I wasn’t here?’ can often unlock their thinking and give them the confidence to solve many issues for themselves – saving you time in the long run and developing their capability.