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The Case for ‘Slow Development’

The benefit of taking a ‘slow’ approach to development involving spaced education events and time and support to put things into practice.

Valuing time together

The benefit of spending time ‘being’ with each other as opposed to ‘doing’ things together. How this can forge deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Key Person Cover

Create a personal disaster recovery plan that can be invoked in the event of an illness or accident causing you to be unable to work for a period of time. The plan provides all the relevant information needed for someone to cover for your role in your absence.

Work that Relationship

The benefit of investing time and energy in relationships – to build our Relationship Equity – is a key element of business success.

The Power of Values

Th benefits that come from being clear on our personal work-related values – which help us feel engaged and motivated when they are being honoured.