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Conflict Resolution – Tips for Managers

As a manager, think twice before quickly ‘throwing over the curly pass’ of interpersonal conflict to Human Resources. Handling conflict is a key and necessary part of leading. Indeed, the manager has a very influential position in managing unconstructive conflict. In this blog we call on our direct experience to share nine thoughts/techniques, for you to be able to create a much better opportunity of preventing unconstructive workplace conflict.

For Maximum Impact, Treat Coaching as a Change Initiative

For maximum impact, organisations need to treat Coaching as a wider change initiative. For it to continue its upward climb, coaching must demonstrate that it helps an organisation achieve its strategic and operational goals. Right now there is scanty empirical evidence for the organisational benefits of a coaching culture, with the emphasis on the word ‘culture,’ where coaching is integral to ‘how things get done around here.’ This is partly because there are very few empirically-based organisational studies to report on.
Altris’ wisdom says that it takes time and unified direction to get the gains from coaching. Embedding of behavioural change takes time, and importantly it takes reinforcement and recognition. One of the fundamental principles of creating a lasting change is to first build a powerful co-operative pact with employees, underpinned by a unified direction and commitment. Once this is built then there will be scope for demonstrable links between coaching culture and the achievement of organisational strategic and operational goals.

You Take Your Holiday With You

Holidays can wear off, IF we let them. There are many things you can do to retain that holiday feel. It’s all about creating head space which is a key requirement for being a great leader. To create space we need to build up lasting positive associations now, which we can call on when we most need them.

Make It Real

Creating a Coaching Culture is an example of a complex initiative. Amidst increasing complexity, we need to keep it simple by asking “how do we make real this initiative?” By so doing, we will close the gap between what we say we want as leaders and what we get.

Focus On What you DO Want

By focusing on what you DO want, great things can happen in your life. It’s easier said than done of course, since we can get ‘flooded by’ and ‘in a lather’ about what we don’t want to happen. Yet, accepting the NOW state is the pathway to moving forward. Appreciating the current state can give dividends too. Gratitude for what IS going right and giving thanks, are also part of the repertoire for creating the right mindset to get focused on what you DO want, and then to see and seize upon opportunities.