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Minimalist Leadership – The Project 333 Challenge

Applying the Project 333 minimalist approach to leadership – challenging leaders to identify just three tools or techniques to focus on for 33 days

The Leadership Difference

One of the continual challenges you face when developing leadership capability is that however exciting, interesting or well designed your leadership training is, many in ‘leadership roles’ just don’t seem to take it up by changing their approaches or behaviours. The organisational response is often ‘let’s roll something else out and see if it sticks’… Read more

We stand in support of Christchurch

After the atrocity in Christchurch on Friday 15th we, like all real Kiwis, were distraught that this happened in our country and like many we feel the urge to do something. As leaders we know that sometimes the right form of leadership is to listen and be supportive. So at this time we wish to… Read more

Increase your Happiness Level for Success

In a previous post I talked about research that shows that, rather than what we have previously assumed to be the case i.e. that success (the next promotion; pay rise; relationship) leads to happiness, the relationship is actually reversed and happiness leads to success. Rather than happiness coming from the successful achievement of goals such… Read more

Don’t Burn the Roses

I come across many leaders who are in charge of teams of talent that they themselves excel at. They have often been promoted or climbed the ladder to an exec/leadership position and have a huge understanding of their own field, but limited experience of how to lead and deal with people strategy & management.  Let’s… Read more